Whole At Every Size

Perspectives on the Health At Every Size® model. And anything else I want to write about.


My name is Fall Ferguson.  I teach health education in a master’s program that focuses on holistic models of health as well as holistic approaches to education.  I have also done some work as a health coach and offering workshops/support groups, though these days teaching is taking up most of my time.  I used to be an attorney; my practice focused on labor and employment law.

I have debated whether to disclose personal details about myself here, and for now, will refrain.  I think the details that matter will emerge in my posts, and the rest are just distracting.  I will let my writings speak for themselves.  However, if you really think you need to know more about me, I do have a website where I talk in more depth about professional and personal matters.

My interests include body acceptance and Health At Every Size® approaches; exploring embodiment practices as a path to personal transformation; and finding holistic solutions to health policy issues. This blog is my place to express my opinions about these and other health-related issues. My opinions expressed here should not be attributed to any organization that I work for or with; the posts in this blog are my responsibility and mine alone.

The photograph in the banner above is a cave painting thought to depict a healing ritual.  It means something to me, and I think I will let it mean whatever you want it to mean to you.

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